In this issue, I would like to introduce Mr. Kojiro Hamada, who is working to raise the awareness of SepakTakraw in Japan and to improve the playing environment. Mr. Hamada is the founder of the “We Love SepakTakraw,” commonly known as “Sepa-Koi”. Through SepakTakraw, he aims to create a positive and powerful community by connecting people with each other. Mr. Hamada himself is a member of the Japanese national team and practices hard on a regular basis. I ask for everyone’s cooperation in raising awareness of the sport in Japan!
今回は、日本でセパタクローの認知度を上げ、競技環境の整備のため活動している、濱田 光次郎さんをご紹介します。濱田さんは、「セパタクローに恋する会」 通称「セパ恋」を創設しました。セパタクローを通じて人と人をつなげ、ポジティブでパワフルなコミュニティ形成を目指しています。濱田さん自身、日本代表選手であり、日頃から練習に励んでいます。日本国内の競技認知度をあげるため、皆さんご協力お願いします!


1. Please tell us about your background, Mr. Hamada.
Born and raised in the port city of Kobe, I became a genuine soccer boy, admiring Shunsuke Nakamura. I aspired to become a professional soccer player, but retired in high school due to a serious injury. After entering university I discovered the sport of “Sepak Takraw”.. I am currently working in the Kanto area to “become a professional separatakraw player”.




2. What are the objectives and activities of the group in love with SepakTakraw?
As the name implies, the club was founded with the desire to “make more people fall in love with SepakTakraw. We are involved in a wide range of activities, from “supporting” the SepakTakraw environment (securing the practice environment, managing tournaments, etc.) to planning and holding events for the sport. On the other hand, they are not obsessed with this sport, and actively participate in fields that are not related to it, hoping to provide an environment where anyone can encounter this sport.


3. What ideas do you have for how BlueCompass can help?
We hope that we can support each other in every aspect of various events, from the actual planning to the holding of the event. In terms of our activities, we would like to expand the location of all our activities and provide various “impressions” to everyone. Personally, I would like to conduct a “street competition” that is on par with the real-pro events.


4. Please give us a few words about the appeal of Sepatakraw.
As it is called “the martial art of the air,” the attack and defense at the edge of the net is especially powerful.
In addition, the competitors are captivated by the sense of accomplishment when they can do it because it is “difficult” and the “depth” of the game in various aspects.
Let’s make it happen together, feeling the excitement of the whole SepakTakraw in preparation for the Asian Games to be held in Aichi in 2026.


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