Children’s Diner “Asahi” Christmas Event






On December 24th last year, a Christmas event was held at the children’s cafeteria “Asahi” sponsored by Echizen Independent Support, a general incorporated association active in Fukui Prefecture.
The children’s dining room started in June 2022 and will be held once a month. In addition to helping with meals, they entertain children with picture-story shows. They also invite various guests for items such as movie screenings, lectures, concerts, plays, etc., and plan and hold cultural and artistic events. We at Blue Compass were able to contribute to the cost related to their 2022 Christmas event. The money was used not only for the cost of meals, but also for the movie screening that had been planned for some time.


Echizen Independence Support has been creating parks for the community for the past 11 years. It seems that it has become such a wonderful place that people in the area say, “I didn’t know there was such a good place!” I think it is a difficult task that cannot be expressed in words, but there is no doubt that this park has become a place of relaxation for local people. It seems that they take a rest during the winter, but they continued to make parks every day.


Hasegawa-san, the company’s representative, says that he wants to expand connections with people and help people who are really in need through activities such as children’s cafeterias, cultural arts events, and park reclamation.
Blue Compass will continue to support and support Echizen. We appreciate your continued contributions.