Yoshikazu Nakahama and the BC team visited Kamaiishi Kodomo Kindy!


TohokuVisit visited “Kamaiishi Children’s School” in Kamaishi City.
Mr. Yoshikazu Nakahama from Kobe joined us on this trip. We have been working with Mr. Nakahama since our trip to Kobe in the summer of 2022.
He is a great-grandson of Mr. John Manjiro and is involved in various projects for disaster prevention, international exchange, and international support.

TohokuVisit では、釜石市にある「かまいしこども園」さんを訪問しました。今回の旅には、神戸から中浜慶和さんにもご参加いただきました。中浜さんとは、2022年の夏の神戸旅でご一緒しております。

We planned to ask children at Kamaiishi Children’s School to write picture letters to be sent to children in Ukraine and Turkey.
Ten children cooperated with us, and we sincerely appreciate their cooperation!
This is called “Bridge of Friendship Project” and 20,000 picture letters were delivered from Turkish children to Japanese children at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Mr. Nakahama hand-delivered these picture letters to each child in Tohoku.


The children are connected through the letters.
The pictures drawn by the children at Kamaiishi Kodomoen were filled with innocent kindness. The children’s drawings were full of innocent kindness: “If your house is destroyed, let’s build an apartment for you,” “It would be nice to have a park full of nature where you can play happily with your friends,” etc. Each child’s thoughtfulness was expressed in their drawings.
After the situation in the region is settled, Nakahama will personally deliver these letters to the children in Ukraine and Turkey. Nakahama continues to travel throughout Japan to collect the letters.


After the children wrote their letters, they received a surprise from the children! They performed a traditional Kamaishi performance called “Kodomo Toramai” (Children’s Tiger Dance). We were so moved by their performance that we couldn’t help but water our eyes.