On June 18, 2021, we donated (made!) five children’s tiger-heads to the Kamaishi Children’s School.
Blue Compass donated 7 pieces last year, and we were able to donate a total of 12 pieces. Now all children can dance with their own tiger heads.
We handed out new tiger heads one by one, and the children and teachers were very pleased!

Due to COVID-19, the kids don’t have much chance to perform, but they plan to show their families at the next athletic meet-up for the school.

Regarding the initiative, Blue Compass staff were also interviewed by a local TV station and broadcast on a local information program here in Kamaishi!


2021年6月18日、かまいしこども園へ 子ども用虎頭を5つ寄付しました。
ブルーコンパスでは、昨年にも7個寄付しており、合計12個寄付することができました。これですべての子供たちが虎頭を持って踊ることができるようになりました。 新しい虎頭を一つ一つ手渡し、子供たち、先生方にも大変よろこんでいただきました!