Mirai no Mori aims to realize a Japanese society in which all children have the opportunity to play an active role equally. Through outdoor programs, they create lifelong experiences for children living in orphanages to support their happy and fruitful growth.

Here in Japan, an orphanage is a facility where children aged 1 to 18 live who cannot live with their parents due to various reasons or who have difficulty in proper care by their parents or family. There are 600 orphanages throughout Japan. Over 30,000 children live there.

In the Mirai no Mori Program, children who are forced to become independent prematurely acquire the “zest for living” that is especially necessary when they enter society, and their own way is their own. They provide a place where young people can discover their new self in a wide range of new experiences, and gain the “power to live”.

NPO Mirai no Mori : https://mirai-no-mori.jp/ja/