Interesting familial philosophy! T-san

家族的哲学が興味深い! Tさん

T-san’s has a family of ten, including his wife and eight children! Isn’t that a big family already? But T-san says he would like to have more children. Isn’t that amazing? We had the opportunity to interview T-san, who is such an interesting person. We hope that those who are going to build their own families will read this interview!



Q. Please introduce your family./ご家族を紹介してください。

My wife and I were classmates in college, and we got married as students. My second child was born when I was 24 after I graduated from college. I knew that from a biological and neuroscientific point of view, contact with children produces happy hormones ‘Oxytocin` and `Serotonin`, so I talked about it with my wife, and we decided, “Let’s have lots of children! (laugh). It must have been hard for my wife to give birth, but I was happy to see that we were all on the same page! We are now blessed with eight healthy children.



Q.  How did your parents react when you had a child at age 19?/19歳で子供ができたとき、親の反応はどうでした?

My wife’s parents told us that the only condition for marriage was that we both graduate from college while raising our children. My wife and I worked hard to have our marriage approved, and we successfully graduated from college.

妻の両親からは “子育てしながら、2人とも大学をきちんと卒業すること” が結婚を許す条件だと言われまして。。。結婚を認めてもらうためにも、妻と二人で頑張りまして、無事大学を卒業しました。


Q.  Do you ever ask your nanny to help you?/お手伝いさんにお願いすることはないのですか?

Hmmm… Before asking a nanny to come, My wife would think that I have to prepare something, like “I have to clean the house”, so I don`t worry about that. People around me say, “Don’t you have enough children already? (It may be harder for my wife than it is now, but…)

うーん。。。お手伝いさんに来てもらう前に、「家の中を掃除しなきゃ」とか何かと準備しなきゃいけないと妻が思ってしまうのです(笑)気にしなくていいと思うのですけどね。周りの人から 「もう子供は十分では?」と言われるけど、正直もっと欲しいなとも思ってます!(妻は今より大変になるかもしれませんが・・・)


Q.  Don’t you get into a lot of fights when you have eight kids?/8人も子供がいるとケンカ多くなりませんか?

Children who are close in age pair up and get along well with each other, so there are no fights between different age groups, surprisingly.



Q.  How do you name your children?/子供の名前はどのようにつけてるのですか?

My wife and I name them in order. My wife names the even-numbered children myself, and I name the odd-numbered children. There are only two rules: the first letter must be “Mi/み” and the second must have three letters.

妻と順番につけてます。生まれ順が奇数番目の子には自分が、偶数番目の子には妻が名前をつけてるんですよ。2つだけルールがあって、必ず「み」を入れること と、3文字であること、ですね。


Q. Are you happy?/Tさんは幸せですか?

I am very happy, and the company I created when I was 19 is still going strong.


Q.  What advice would you give to those who are about to become parents or get married?

I believe children should be born young! I hope you get to spend some quality time with your children, and your family, and make lots of memories together!