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Young volunteers participating in Tohoku Visit and support projects
Tohoku Visit 参加のヤングボランティア、サポートプロジェクト






Blue Compass  will be hosting a three-day Tohoku Visit from March 10-12 to help those who are working hard and enthusiastically in Tohoku. Thanks to your support, many people will be able to participate in this event. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

ブルーコンパスは、3月10日~12日の3日間、東北で熱意をもって頑張っている方々の力になるべく、Tohoku Visit を開催いたします。おかげさまで、たくさんの方にご参加いただけることとなりました。本当に有難うございます。

We are pleased to announce that students and young professionals will also be participating in this year’s Tohoku Visit! Blue Compass is willing to cover their accommodation and transportation expenses during the visit. We are also planning to arrange buses for the students to take them around the city (it is not easy to travel without a car in the countryside!!).

今回のTohoku Visit へは、学生の方、若手社会人の方々にも参加いただくこととなりました!熱意ある彼らのために、彼らのTohoku Visitでの宿泊費・交通費をブルーコンパスが負担したいと考えています。またたくさんの方にご参加いただけることとなりましたので、移動時のバスも手配する予定です。(田舎は車が無いと不便なのです)

We see this as a very valuable opportunity for the younger generation to learn about Tohoku. We believe that this is a valuable opportunity for the younger generation, who will be responsible for the future of our society, and also an opportunity to interact with people of different generations and from different industries. We are also planning volunteer activities with local people and we hope it will be a memorable experience for all.


We need everyone’s cooperation. Thank you in advance!


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