A charity touch rugby event, COTT, was held on Sunday, July 11.

At the same venue, we organized a game for children and had a great time with those families that were there to support players in the tournament.

The games were organized by Mr. Masao Ohata, a Blue Compass JUKU participant.

Mr. Ohata is aiming to commercialize an event-based English conversation class for children.

We had some wild weather on the day of the event, but both children and adults were energetically playing at the ground.

The kids loved Ohata-san’s games using hula hoops and marbles.

These games are accessible to both kids and adults.

The kids were really getting into the games when a thunderstorm hit and we had a few sad faces, but overall the event was a super success and we look forward to trying out the event again in the future.



7月11日(日)にチャリティ・タッチラグビーイベント COTT が開催されました。
ゲームを企画したのは、ブルーコンパス塾生の大畑 真生さんです。