On September 12th, four members of Blue Compass participated as team Blue Compass Broncos in the TELL Japan Step Up for Mental Health Challenge.

TELL is dedicated to providing effective support and counseling services to Japan’s international community, with free, anonymous and confidential phone and online support every day.

The TELL Japan Step Up for Mental Health Challenge is to walk 21,081 steps in a day, in honour of the 21,081 lives lost to suicide in Japan last year.
The Blue Compass Broncos completed 87,337 Steps (64.92 km) between a team of four (aged 5~40+).

To find out more about TELL Japan, please click here: https://telljp.com/

To Join the TELL Step-up walk please participate here.
https://www.tellevents.org/ (English)
https://ja.tellevents.org/ (Japanese)



9月12日、ブルーコンパスの4人のメンバーがチームブルーコンパスブロンコスとしてTELL Japan Step Up for Mental HealthChallengeに参加しました。
TELL Japan Step Up for Mental Health Challengeは、 昨年日本で自殺した21,081人への哀悼の意を表し、(少なくとも)1日で21,081歩あるくという挑戦です。
ブルーコンパスブロンコスは、4人のチーム(5〜40歳以上)の間で87,337ステップ(64.92 km)を完了しました。

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