Mr. Kousuke Takahashi is an inventor and designer.
He is developing various tools to realize new forms of communication that have never existed before !!
発明家/デザイナーとして活躍している、高橋 鴻介さん。




1) Mr. Takahashi can you please share your background.
I was born in Akihabara, and as a result of being surrounded by electronic parts and robots, I grew up to be an adult who loves inventing things. I was going to be an engineer until high school, but then I fell in love with design, so I studied product design and graphic design at university, and now I work in advertising planning.


2) Please tell us about the social contribution activities that you are currently involved in.
As a personal project outside of work, I am working with a friend who is visually impaired to develop “Braille Neue,” a font that combines Braille and letters to allow people who can see and those who cannot see to share information in the same place. A button on an elevator and a traffic light for example as well as shop names. I am also working on “LINKAGE,” a game inspired by tactile sign language used by the deaf-blind. Social contribution sounds like a serious topic, but I am creating products with the desire to connect with people I have never been involved with before through products such as games, picture books, and fashion.
仕事外のパーソナルなプロジェクトとして、視覚障害の友人と一緒に点字と文字を組み合わせた、見える人も見えない人も同じ場所で情報を共有できるフォント「Braille Neue」を開発したり、盲ろう者が用いる、触手話にインスパイアされたゲーム「LINKAGE」などを開発しています。社会貢献というと真面目なイメージがありますが、ゲームや絵本、ファッションと言ったプロダクトを通じて、今まで自分が関わったことのない人とつながりたい、という欲求でものづくりをしています。


3) Please tell us about Linkage.
LINKAGE is a balancing game in which players use sticks to connect their fingers together without collapsing. It is a game where you cooperate with other players by feeling their finger movements and strength. The feature of this game is that it was inspired by “tactile sign language”, a method of conversation using the sense of touch used by the deaf-blind. It is a universal game that uses the sense of touch and can be played by anyone regardless of age, nationality, or disability. We hope you will enjoy the fun of tactile sign language, which allows you to exchange power and sense the nuances of touch, sensations that you do not normally use.
LINKAGEは、棒で指同士を崩れないようにつなぐバランスゲーム。 他のプレイヤーの指の動きや力を感じながら協力するゲームです。このゲームの特徴は、盲ろう者が用いる触覚を用いた会話方法「触手話」にインスパイアされて生まれたこと。触覚を用いたユニバーサルなゲーム性で、年齢・国籍・障害を超えてすべての人が遊べます。触手話のもつ、お互いの力をやりとりしたり、触れ方のニュアンスを感じ取るといった、普段使わない感覚の面白さをお楽しみください。


4) What kind of support do you think BlueCompass can provide?
I’d like to hold a game tournament!
I don’t know when we will be able to do it because of the Corona disaster, but one of my goals is to create a kind of game center where various people can mix and mingle. Also, I would like to expand LINKAGE to other countries.


5) Please give a message to those who want to try social contribution activities. Please give a message to people who want to do social contribution activities.
Social contribution may sound like a big deal, but if you start thinking about what you are in need of or what you can relate to, you will realize that it is an act to improve the society you live in. If you find an issue or potential, please try to create something.